First week of December (Th1 - We7)

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First week of December (Th1 - We7)

Post by MIMI on Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:53 pm

December - 02 - 2016

    ⋆ Created the "Gaming Cast Fanatics" forum.
    ⋆ Deleted the forums "Basket" and "Your First Forum."
    ⋆ Created the "Introductions" forum.
    ⋆ Created and updated the "Site Questions And Information" forum.
    ⋆ Placed current "Christmas" related theme.

    December - 03 - 2016

    ⋆ Updated the rights of the "Site Questions And Information" forums so all members could post, view post and add polls to said posts.
    ⋆ Users were given new rights such as posting with bb code and having certain options with their profiles.
    ⋆ Stole the idea of the category "Friends And Foes" from Gaming Cast's Art.

    December - 06 - 2016

    ⋆ Data was updated.
    ⋆ Created two new usergroups to help administer and moderate the page.
    ⋆ Placed a ranking system which will display under your username.
    ⋆ Placed @Admin Alek as an administrator.
    ⋆ Placed @Myra Ink as a moderator.

    December - 07 - 2016

    ⋆ Allowed moderators to view and overlook all current categories and forums.
    ⋆ Updated Data.
    ⋆ Checked the pm functions were in working order.
    ⋆ Reviewed code for bugs

And so concludes our first week of advances and updates! I'll be uploading the second week in a few hours if not tomorrow. I hope you are satisfied with our development. Reply down below to give us your outputs, suggestions, constructive criticism or other comments!
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Re: First week of December (Th1 - We7)

Post by Cosmos on Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:27 am

I'm really grateful for all the progress made up until now!
Can't wait for the forums to be fully ready for public launch.

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