The chatbox!

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The chatbox!

Post by MIMI on Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:25 pm

Hello darlings!

I'm really sorry about the lack of new posts, especially of reports on the forum, but today I have to announce a big addition to the forum!
It's the chatbox!

Now as a lot of you may know (if you have ever been on any kind of forum where communication is very important) most forums have a certain space where there is a chatbox, it works as a normal chat like those you would find in facebook or even twitter, however this sites's chatbox (and many others) is for all and every person currently in the forum, so for now we won't be talking about direct messages to individual users.

So now onto the explanation part of this post, where I will explain where to find the forum, how it works, etc.

Where to find it?

While working on implementing this to the forum, I was given a choice to place this chatbox on different places of the forum, however in the ended I decided to put it up and front as the very first thing you see when on the forum's homepage, mostly to help and encourage new members to use the chat and get to know more users and to let those said users help new members get aquatinted with the site and it's mechanics. I do also want to bring up the fact that I can also move the chatbox to the bottom of all the forum topics, this would mostly work to look neat and organized. With that being said, i'll be making a poll so you can decided what place would be better for the chatbox.

How to use it?

Using the chatbox is very simple. First, assuming you know where it's placed, you need to go to the top right corner to log in

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